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AED Program Management – Maintain compliance, reduce risk, and Ensure AED Readiness.

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Why is managing my own safety program the right thing to do for my business?

  • Engagement: Responding to the common workplace injury or emergency is substantially easier when your employees know where the AED’s and first aid cabinets are, what’s contained in them, and what to do in a variety of emergency situations.
  • Reduces Risk: A fully engaged workforce is much more likely to have a successful outcome for catastrophic emergencies like Sudden Cardiac Arrest, when they know where the AED’s are, how to use them, and are confident that they are operational
  • Convenient: Our system and products allow you to confidently and efficiently monitor and maintain your program so that it conforms with all OSHA and AED Good Samaritan regulations.
  • Cost Effective: Controlling what goes in your kits or cabinets is critical for emergency and cost purposes, often at a fraction of the cost of expensive van based services

Managing a safety program requires a certain level of diligence. However, this is where we can help. Full Compliance Safety provides a comprehensive solution through our website and the FCS Mobile App that allows you to monitor, maintain, and procure supplies for your AED program whether it be at a single site, or nationwide.

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FC Safety is proud to be a California Certified Small Business! Contact us today for help with your AED, AED Accessory, First Aid, or Safety Products request. We service state education, government, transportation, law enforcement, and medical agency needs.