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Order a new Zoll AED Plus, including pads, battery and and soft-shell case.

  • Includes Graphical Cover
  • Softcase
  • Operator’s Guide
  • Interactive In-Service CD ROM
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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Zoll AED Plus CPR-D Replacement Padz®

  • One-Piece Defibrillation and CPR System
  • Compression and Rate Sensors
  • Supplied with Gloves, Barrier Mask, Scissors, Razor, Wet Wipe & Dry Wipe
  • Five (5) Year Shelf life
  • Special “Long-Life Armor Pack” for storage in Softpack carry case

$207.00 Add to Cart

Zoll AED Plus Approved Replacement Batteries 

  • Exact Replacement Battery Set
  • Meets Zoll AED Required Voltage Standard
  • Meets Zoll AED Service and Shelf Life Standards
  • Zoll AED Plus Battery Form Factor

$92.00 Add to Cart

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