Exam Glove Ultraform® NonSterile Nitrile Standard Cuff Length Textured Fingertips Blue (Not Chemo Approved)



Microflex ULTRAFORM Powder Free Nitrile Gloves are highly durable nitrile exam gloves designed with proprietary ERGOFORM Design Technology, that provides wearers with musculoskeletal health support. The soft nitrile formulation allows the glove to conform to the natural shape of your hands. This unique design technology of the ULTRAFORM gloves reduces stress on the ligaments, tendons, and joints caused by repetitive tasks. Users experience a higher level of comfort, which reduces fatigue and risk factors that could potentially lead to workplace injury. With less fatigue and stress, users will experience an increase in productivity and performance. The ergonomic fit of the Microflex UP-524 Nitrile Gloves allows users to complete daily tasks efficiently, comfortably, and with greater ease.

Additional information

Glove Size

X-Small, S-Small, M-Medium, L-Large, XL-Extra Large

Cuff Size

9.1 In. (Standard), 9.5 in. (Long)