AED Program Management is a key element in managing your own safety program. We have developed a comprehensive system that helps your organization not only monitor and maintain compliance with the somewhat complicated AED Good Samaritan laws of your state, please click here to access Interactive AED State Law map, but also be able to monitor and track other critical elements of your safety program with one solution: The Full Compliance Safety Solution.

Program Management is the Lifeblood of your Safety Program

Many businesses do not deploy AED’s at their locations because they are concerned about potential litigation; but what they fail to understand is that Sudden Cardiac Arrest is almost always fatal (sometimes in excess of 95%) when left untreated, which creates a huge exposure potential for wrongful death lawsuits. And when AED’s are deployed, comprehensive AED Program Management can drastically reduce the risk associated with having an AED. A good analogy to think of comes from the insurance industry: If having an AED is like having a car, Program Management is like having insurance.

Program Management Benefits

  • Knowing in real time that all your sites are currently in compliance with AED Good Samaritan laws
  • Having a paper trail of all your program activities, that can be relied upon if there ever is litigation thus making your case much more defensible
  • If there ever is an event, having a licensed physician review the ECG data that is contained on the event device, which is usually a requirement
  • Developing continuity at your business so your safety program doesn’t have one critical point of failure and that if someone leaves, their history doesn’t go with them.
  • Actively Monitoring all of your AED’s to let you know of any manufacturer or FDA related recalls
  • Having the ability to track other critical items like First Aid, Safety items, or disaster supplies on one platform

At Full Compliance Safety, we have developed a comprehensive Program Management platform that gives your organization the confidence to manage their own program, saving cost and potentially someone’s life someday.

Program Management


  • Customized Administrator Portal
  • Physician oversight
  • Auto-generated emails
  • Supply and training tracking
  • All post-event services

Client coordination and orientation. Introductory email instructions and webinars as needed, ongoing phone/email communication ensuring successful program initiation, and continuous ongoing support.

Client Receives:

Medical Oversight and Direction; State/Local AED registration as required; Assigned AED Compliance Specialist

Customized Web Portal: AED Tracking – Site, Location, Serial Number; Battery/Electrode Tracking; Documented inspection histories; CPR/AED Certification Tracking; Automated email notifications and alerts: 60, 30-day Battery and/or Electrode Expiration notifications; 60, 30-day Training Certification Expiration notifications; Immediate notification alerts for failed AED inspections; Monthly Inspection email reminders; Written Policies and Procedures.

Post Event Services:  Loaner AED sent out with return box for used AED: Data Download and Physician Review, AED Inspected and cleaned, returned with return box for loaner.

Pricing Table

DS1-11 Year Solution$139
DS1-22 Year Solution$239
DS1-33 Year Solution$329
DS1-44 Year Solution$429
DS1-55 Year Solution$499

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