Zoll Mobilize™ Trauma Kits

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Comprehensive Trauma Kit

The Comprehensive trauma kit includes our most extensive set of medical supplies to help manage life-threatening issues such as severe bleeding, seizures, choking, hypothermia, broken bones, allergic reactions, and more. The integrated Mobilize application guides rescuers with real-time instructions on how to use the supplies to provide care.

Mobile Trauma Kit

A backpack version of the Comprehensive unit, the Mobile trauma kit includes the same extensive set of medical supplies and integrated rescue app. The portability of the Mobile unit makes it a great solution for emergency response staff when they’re on the way to the scene of a medical emergency, and it can also be easily stored in vehicles or remote locations.

Public Access Trauma Kit

Intended to treat multiple victims, each Public Access trauma kit carry case includes four individual Utility kits for distribution in case of a mass casualty event. Utility kits include supplies to manage severe bleeding, airway issues, seizures, and more. Distribute the Mobilize Rescue app and empower everyone in your organization to respond during an emergency.

Compact Trauma Kit

Compact and lightweight, this system is perfect for the workplace or on the go. Keep a kit on work trucks, in the office, or with emergency response team members so anyone with the Mobilize Rescue app is prepared to manage severe bleeding, seizures, choking, hypothermia, and other emergencies.