Automate your monthly AED Checks

AEDStatus is a remote monitoring system which automatically checks your AED at regular intervals and reports the check into ArchTM Program Management software so you don’t have to! The best part is, set-up only takes minutes. It requires no modification to your cabinet and no complicated device connection to a secured Wi-Fi network.

Why use AED Status? Compliance isn't always your top priority

There is no sugarcoating it: checking AEDs manually as mandated by local and state laws is a hassle. It is also labor intensive, time consuming, and never at the top of anyone’s “To-Do” list. Even if AEDs are checked regularly, human error is fairly common. Something as simple as an incorrect status check can result in liability if an inoperable AED is used during a cardiac event. That is not the position anyone wants to be in.

aed status aed remote monitoring system components

The AEDStatus device reads the electromagnetic signal every time your AED performs a self-check.

This information is then sent to our servers using LTE-M cellular signal.

Automatically uploaded into Arch.

AEDStatus makes more sense than other remote monitoring solutions

Cost Effective

  • Uses your existing AED*
  • Can be used with all metal cabinets
  • Device lasts for up to 7 years

Hassle Free

  • Plug-and-play technology which works almost anywhere, including large office buildings and most remote areas
  • 2 year warranty
  • Device is self-managing

Easy Installation

  • Simply pop-in the battery and place the AEDStatus device next to your AED in the cabinet as instructed
*AEDStatus device does not support any LIFEPAK AEDs including the Express, CR Plus, CR2, and 1000.

Very few pieces needed to complete this puzzle

AED Cabinet



If you don’t already have an Arch subscription, signing up is quick and adds an unrivaled layer of AED management and compliance.

  • Automatic registration with your local 911 call center for added confidence in case of an event
  • Automatic AED registration with your local Emergency Medical Services for “Good Samaritan Law” compliance (when state required)
  • Online tracking of trained responders, including certification status and expiration dates
  • Online access to your Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Email notifications when your pads and batteries are about to expire
  • In the event of an AED usage, Arch also includes:
    • A free loaner AED while the data on your AED is being downloaded and interpreted
    • A new set of electrode pads to replace the ones that were used
    • Submission of data reports to required agencies on your behalf
    • A copy of the data for your records
    • Free shipping of your AED and loaner AED