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What is an AED Battery?

An AED Battery is the specific power source for an Automated External Defibrillator, or AED. For example, the battery stores electrical energy which maintains the AEDs continuous operations and ready-status. In addition, when the AED unit is needed in a cardiac emergency, the battery generates the electrical power used to create the life-saving “shock”. Click here to learn more about AEDs and Batteries.

What Kind of Battery Does an AED Use?

AEDs generally rely on the power of Lithium Ion Batteries as their primary power source. However, while the underlying battery technology is similar, AED batteries are created specifically for an individual AED Machine. Furthermore, AED Batteries are not interchangeable from one manufacturer’s AED Machine to another manufacturer’s.

When considering  AED Replacement Batteries, remember that AED Manufacturers build a battery module that meets the specific voltage, amperage and longevity needed in the operation of their AED. 

The lithium Ion Batteries are combined in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. Additionally, the batteries are typically encased in a plastic housing that protects the battery module. Furthermore, the module includes a proprietary plug to ensure the correct battery is installed in the AED unit.

To learn more about Lithium Ion Batters click here.

How Long are AED Batteries Good For?

The application of an AED battery in an Automated External Defibrillator is critical and literally a matter of life-and-death. For good reason, careful attention should be paid to the life span and required replacement date of an AED battery that is installed in an AED machine.

AED Manufacturers list different dates printed on their battery packs. These dates indicate how long the AED Batteries are Good For. Oftentimes, the manufacturer will specifically list the Expiration Date. In this case, the battery should be replaced prior to the expiration date. In other cases, an “Install by” date is listed. This means the battery should be installed prior to the Install Date in order to meet it’s expected useful life in the machine. Lastly, some manufactures will print a manufactured date on the battery. This is not the expiration date but displays the date the battery was manufactured. 

Overall, AED Batteries are good for anywhere from 2-5 years. Their life is dependent on the specific machine and machine use.