Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Fully Automatic AED with ICPR


  • 2 sets of pads included
  • Rugged & Simple Design
  • Semi-Rigid case included
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Whether you are an experienced rescuer or a first-time responder, the Powerheart® G5 automated external defibrillator provides a powerful combination of features that help rescuers provide sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims with swift, effective, and life-saving therapy. The Powerheart® G5 is the first FDA-approved AED to combine fully automatic shock delivery, dual-language functionality, variable escalating energy, and fast shock times to help save an SCA victim‘s life.

Rest easy knowing your Powerheart AED will perform as expected during a rescue thanks to Rescue Ready technology that performs rigorous daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests. The Powerheart G5 also includes a medical-grade battery with a 4-year full operational guarantee, an 8-year warranty, and the best tools and support.

During a tense rescue, both experienced and first-time rescuers will benefit from the Powerheart G5’s RescueCoach™ user-paced instruction, intuitive pad design, and automatic shock delivery to reduce the likelihood of human error. (Semi-automatic model also available.)

Light enough to travel anywhere but strong enough to pass military standards and receive an IP55 rating for protection from dust and water, the Powerheart G5 is built to withstand the rigors of your job.

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Weight7 lbs

Fully-Auto Powerheart G5 w/ Intellisense CPR Feedback Adult Pads, Semi-Auto Powerheart G5 w/ Intellisense CPR Feedback Adult Pads, Fully-Auto Powerheart G5 w/ Intellisense Adult Pads (No CPR Feedback), Semi-Auto Powerheart G5 w/ Intellisense Adult Pads (No CPR Feedback)