FC Safety has partnered with Readiness Systems, the nation’s leading AED program compliance expert. Alongside FC Safety, Readiness Systems offers a full range of enterprise-level AED program design and compliance services. Readiness Systems works with larger FC Safety clients to:

  • Create and set up automated external defibrillator programs
  • Ensure the right people, systems, equipment and policies are in place
  • Assure compliance with industry standards and AED laws

Our enterprise AED program compliance package includes:

  • Meetings with your team to gain a complete understanding of your AED program needs
  • The most complete AED program design available
  • Custom-designed AED Program Operations Manual™ documenting compliance with industry standards and AED laws
  • Operational reviews of sudden cardiac arrest events
  • Access to the AED Law Center™
  • Consulting time with Readiness Systems president Richard A. Lazar

Contact FC Safety today to see how our enterprise compliance services can benefit your AED program.