Technical Specifications

General Description and Features

Manufacturer: Surgically Clean Air Inc.

Model Name: JADE

Model Number: SCA5000C

Colours Available: Powder Coated Metal Housing – White or Matte Black

Airflow up to 406 CFM / 690 m3/h Hands free touchless control.

Lockable Control Panel to prevent setting changes.

Energy-optimized for operation through special design for high efficiency and with favourable acoustic behavior.

Single point power connection
Ready for operation with minimal setup. Wall mountable accessory available.

Electrical Data

Rated voltage 1~ 120V; 60 Hz, 1.1A
Power Cord: 18AWG*3C, 105°C, VW-1, length 1.83m-3.05m

Avg. Typical Measured Operating Values (By Electrical Meter) @120V Input

Specifications Release Date: January, 2021 Geographical: North American | Series: B/C/D/E

Internal Technologies Included

• Permanent Pre-Filter: Cleanable Fine Mesh

• Ultrafine Aerosol Particulate Filter: HEPA-Rx

• Activated Carbon: Broad spectrum adsorption Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Filter

• Germicidal UV-C+: Non-Ozone Producing 254 nm Doped Quartz Glass Germicidal UV-C

• Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber: Photocatalytic TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) mixed phase anatase and rutile.

• Revitalizing Negative ION Chamber: 3,000,000 ions/cm3 Negative Ion Generator


Performance Data

Airflow Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

Airflow Cubic Feet Per Hour (CFH)

page1image23105136 page1image23106816 page1image23110400 page1image23104800

Low Medium High Turbo

153 230 312 406

Low Medium High Turbo

9,180 13,800 18,720 24,360

page1image23108944 page1image23107040 page1image23109728 page1image23110288 page1image23116336page1image23104352 page1image23115888 page1image23107376 page1image23106032 page1image6816576

Sound Level

page1image23106256 page1image23107264 page1image23105584page1image23116000


Low Medium High Turbo


Current (Amp)

0.16 0.23 0.33 0.45

Wattage (W)

19.2 27.6 39.6 54

Low Medium High Turbo

<40 dB(A) 43 dB(A) 48 dB(A) 55 dB(A)

page1image23069792 page1image23069680 page1image23081328page1image23071360 page1image23073936 page1image23069120

Product Safety Data

page1image23069456 page1image23086176

Surgically Clean Air will either repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning unit at no cost to the client for a 1-year period.

Filtration & Containment Testing

Minimum Inert Material Capture (Fractional Collection Efficiency):

  • IEST-RP-CC007.3 Standard 99.998%-99.999% Efficiency at 0.1μm – 0.2μm @230cfm
  • EN1822 Standard Minimum 99% Efficiency at 0.0025μm @300cfm

UL/CSA Recognized ETL Product Safety Tested & Certified

Federal ARB Ozone Emissions Tested & Certified: Maximum 0.001ppm ozone as per UL 867- ozone chamber testing and peak ozone test for electronic devices.

Minimum Biological Capture Testing Requirements (Fractional Collection Efficiency)

• (Virus) MS-2 phage (ATCC 15597-B1) – 99.996% efficiency @300 cfm

• (Bacteria) Staph Aureus (ATCC 6538) – 99.998% efficiency @300cfm

• (Fungus) Aspergillus Niger (ATCC 1004) – 99.999% efficiency @300cfm