First Aid Only Critical Essentials Bleeding Control Kit for Limb, Chest & Torso Wounds (91137)

This First Aid Only bleeding control kit contains the critical essentials for treating limb, chest, and torso wounds. The included windlass tourniquet, hemostatic gauze pad, and chest seal empowers bystanders with the lifesaving tools to help save a life in the critical first minutes of a bleeding emergency. The clear, plastic pouch is easily identifiable, lightweight, and mobile for efficient travel to the trauma site. The critical essential kit is ideal for a supplement to a first aid kit, and for high risk environments such as workshops, construction sites, and remote worksites.

  • Contains life saving tools to respond to limb, chest and torso wound bleeding emergencies
  • Essential solution provides critical tools including bleeding control instructions, a marker to indicate tourniquet application time, nitrile gloves, and trauma bandages
  • Provides coverage of limb, chest, and torso wounds with the included windlass tourniquet, hemostatic gauze pad, and chest seals
  • Efficient clear bag is mobile and lightweight for quick response