Real CPR Help Travel Trainer
The Real CPR Help® Travel Trainer combines a simulated torso, CPR-D-padz®, and a simulator in one
easy-to-transport, easy-to-use package for demonstrating and practicing the use of Real CPR Help.

No Manikin or Simulator Needed
Everything needed to operate the Real CPR Help Travel Trainer is included in this one-piece accessory.
The simulator—which is securely embedded in the thick vinyl of the Travel Trainer—is manufactured
by Symbio, the leading provider of cardiac heart rhythm simulators. Simply connect the Real CPR
Help Travel Trainer to a ZOLL®
clinical AED Plus® or AED Pro® (sold separately) to experience ZOLL’s
Real CPR Help with real-time feedback for each chest compression.

Seeing Is Believing
ZOLL’s AED Plus and AED Pro are the only AEDs in today’s market that can “see” your CPR. The sensors
in the CPR-D-padz provide digital feedback that enables the AED to display a bar-gauge showing the
depth of each compression. All in real time.
Because they can see your CPR, the AED Plus and AED Pro also provide audio prompts telling you
when to “Push harder” and when you are doing “Good compressions.” Real CPR Help provides the
best support to a rescuer doing CPR.

Plug and Practice
With the Travel Trainer, you can now practice doing CPR with unparalleled support, thanks to Real
CPR Help and your clinical AED Plus or AED Pro. The Travel Trainer works with any clinical AED
Plus or AED Pro. Plug in the cable, set the simulator, turn on the AED, and you will immediately begin
experiencing a complete rescue with real-time feedback from Real CPR Help.